Agreements and Policies Energy Conservation Agreement

We at Vita Huset Extended- Stay are equally committed to the comfort to our guests as we are to energy conservation. As part of your stay we are happy to provide heating and electricity at no additional cost. We only ask, in return, that you work with us on how best to achieve these goals. By signing below, you agree to comply with the following rules/conditions: Heat will be pre-programmed as follows: up to 68 degrees 6:30-9 a.m., and in the evening 6-10 p.m. During the night 62 degrees. During the day 58 degrees. This schedule will be followed unless you provide us with an alternative schedule, indicating when you will be in the apartment. We ask you to turn the heat down when you are not occupying the apartment. We ask you to inform us if you will not be in the apartment for a period of days so we can turn the heat down to 55 degrees in your absence. Air conditioner will operate only when you are in the apartment and will be turned off when you leave (even if you have a pet in the apartment). When outdoor temperatures are below 55 degrees, air conditioner will not be used (windows opened.) No electric space heaters are allowed. Lights and other electric appliances will be turned off when not in use. I have read and agree to the above: Signed_______________________________Date_______

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A Swedish-inspired extended-stay on a side street of downtown Newport, just two blocks from the magnificent Lake Memphremagog. Walk to dining and shopping. Off-street parking. Your Scandinavian-style home away from home.

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