Still skiing in April!

On April 3, there was still good skiing on corn snow. While not groomed, the MSTF trails at the Lake Memphremagog bike trail offered some the best skiing of the season on a gorgeous clear day with deep blue skies.

One day after the big snow in March.

After digging out on Monday, Tuesday, March 8 was sunny and beautiful, showing off the huge mounds of snow that had been tossed from the driveway. One can still get in to Little Gnesta, but the access is narrowing. Rain … Read More

March mountains…of snow!

It is March 4 and at Little Gnesta, we still have huge mounds of snow. The trucks and loaders have been out all day and night, scraping it up and hauling it away lest the city streets become totally closed … Read More

All snowed in!

The snow fell steadily last night and warmer temperatures caused the snow on the roof to slide off. So, this morning there are mounds of it everywhere!

We've got snow. And lots of it!

About a foot fell a couple of days ago. The trails are groomed for skiing and the city was out last night clearing the snow from the streets and hauling it away. Little Gnesta is all cozy, surrounded by it. … Read More

A porch grows in winter.

Low and behold, through the snow, a porch appeared at the front facade of Little Gnesta. Taking its design elements from the main body of the house, the porch puts the finishing touch to the front entrance. One must believe … Read More

One room down, three to go…

One guestroom for family and friends is finally finished and ready for you! While it features antique, rustic Rittenhouse beds from Cheboygan, Michigan, circa 1936 (in stead of Carpe Diem beds) and an old ice box, there is still plenty … Read More

Little Gnesta is surrounded by marshmallow fluff!

The snow came down in earnest Sunday and Monday and covered all with a soft, white blanket. As the sun shone brightly through the naked trees, creating plays of light and shadow, Little Gnesta appeared suspended atop a big dollop … Read More

A very white Christmas. How about some xc skis, Santa?

We’re definitely having a white Christmas at Little Gnesta. XC skiing began last week with just enough to slide along the Memphremagog Ski Touring Foundation (MSTF) trail at the Lake Memphremagog ski/bike trail.  Yesterday, we got about 6 more inches … Read More

A Winter Wonderland.

We’ve had a couple of small snow falls. So now, if the snow will stay,  xc skiing won’t be far behind!