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Hiking at Lake Willoughby

Little Gnesta B & B is just a short drive from Lake Willoughby, which is about as close to Lac Lucerne you’re going to get in Vermont. Once there, you can climb Mt. Pisgah where from the summit, you will … Read More

A little snow but not enough…

We are between seasons here at Little Gnesta B & B. Despite freezing temperatures, Occupy Wall Street’s 99% were seen on Newport’s Main St. today and the behind them, Lake Memphremagog was sparkling in the sunlight. It seems like a … Read More


Featured in Swedish newspaper Sodermanlands Nyheter on January 7, 2013. Read a translation from the Swedish by copying and pasting into Google translate: Gnesta ligger i Vermont, USA Featured in the Irish Independent on Nov. 5, 2012 in an article … Read More

It's summer vacation time!

Yes, it’s been hot here at Little Gnesta B & B (thank goodness for our air-conditioned rooms!) but vacationers from all over the U.S. and Canada have been flocking to the Northeast Kingdom to recreate. Here at Little Gnesta, we’ve … Read More

It's hot in the Kingdom!

Today, at Little Gnesta B & B in Newport, VT, we’ll see temperatures close to 90 degrees. A perfect day to stroll to Lake Memphremagog from our porch and jump in!

It's July at Little Gnesta B & B!

Last week, Newport hosted the Kingdom Aquafest, a week full of fun culminating in a 3, 6 and 10 mile swimming meet on beautiful Lake Memphremagog.  Hundreds of swimmers came to Newport from as far away as Hawaii and England … Read More

Here's what they said on Trip Advisor…

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