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Wildflowers and bulbs!

Whether you’re walking up the steps to Little Gnesta’s front door or cruising along the Lake Memphremagog bike trail, there are flowers in full bloom. That includes dandelions!

The hyacinths are filling the air with their delicious perfume. One gets a whiff when coming to Little Gnesta’s front door. Along with them are the daffodils, some of which are fragrant.  If the dewpoint is just right, you’ll even get a whiff of the violas which are in pots.

Along the bike trail, the trilliums are blooming along with the dog-tooth violets, spring beauties and wild strawberries. The fiddlheads are showing themselves, all curled up before they finally spread their fronds to full length.

This week, we’ve had guests from Maryland and California. All loved our little corner of Vermont and want to return soon.

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