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Just a little more skiing left…

The skiing over the last two weeks has been wonderful, both at our local mstf.net trail system for xc (only 5 minutes from LG) and also at Jay Peak. While the 50-degree temps will have surely ruined our trails down here by the lake, there is still skiable snow up on Mt. Horr at the south end of Lake Willoughby (only 25 minutes away). Stan, who tirelessly and devotedly keeps those trails in pristine condition, reports that the skiing should be good at least for today. Tomorrow, we’re looking at 50 degrees again and possible ruination of the existing snow, even there.

I guess what this all means is that spring is on the way (actually, it’s felt like April most of this winter-too bad that’s the most unpleasant month of the year in these parts!)

Phillip hasn’t needed his sweater for the past week and it looks like his winter coat will soon be shorn off. Once can sense more activity from the birds and there’s a softness to the air, even when it’s cold outside.

Yes, the seasons are changing and soon the ice shanties will be off the lake and the open water will appear again.

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