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The snow finally came a couple of days ago, enough so that they were able to groom the xc ski trails at the Memphremagog Ski Touring Foundation (MSTF).  MSTF is only a short five-minute drive from Little Gnesta.

On our way to the trails, we saw skaters on the ice at Gardner Park. This little gem is a seven-minute walk from Little Gnesta. It is maintained by the city which also offers rental skates.

Out on Lake Memphremagog, the ice fishermen were starting to put up their shacks.  There was open water just a few weeks ago so it seems funny that the North Country Chamber of Commerce is already selling “Ice Out” raffle tickets. This is a contest every year to see who can come closest to the exact date when the ice opens to open water on Lake Memphremagog. Last year, it happened when newly elected Governor Shumlin was visiting the city, looking out over the water from the dining room at the Eastside Restaurant!

Recently, we hosted travelers who were on their way home to Boston from Quebec City. Newport seemed like the tropics by comparison, they said!

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