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Hiking at Lake Willoughby

Little Gnesta B & B is just a short drive from Lake Willoughby, which is about as close to Lac Lucerne you’re going to get in Vermont. Once there, you can climb Mt. Pisgah where from the summit, you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of Lake Willoughby and the surrounding mountains. Getting to the lake from Little Gnesta takes about 20 minutes and hiking over Mt. Pisgah is an afternoon outing. There is probably snow right now but if you’ve got the right gear, it’s  most likely not deep enough to hinder a strong climber.

A little later in the season, Pisgah’s sister peak (together they form the Willoughby Gap) Mt. Horr is an excellent place to cross country ski and is groomed by the Memphremagog Ski Touring Foundation.

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